Wellness and Esthetics

1816 Prospector Ave, Park City, UT 84060


Wellness and Esthetics founder and Park City local, Dr. Giselle Batcheller, has been bringing the latest technologies in PRF and regenerative medicine to Utah clinicians since 2018.  She continues to be sought after by leaders in the field throughout the country for her treatments and trainings.  

Whole body, whole person wellness is at the center of her philosophy. Her unique treatment niche employs modern technologies for an all natural, wholistic approach to regenerative medicine and esthetics.  

The most popular treatments are PRF facials and noninvasive laser procedures. Clients love Dr. Batcheller's CARE Esthetics BIOCARE® and BIOLIFT® regenerative medicine packages. 

If you're looking for all natural solutions to a more vibrant and youthful you, Wellness and Esthetics is the right place.  Book a consultation to discover the best options for you.

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