Village Pet Care LLC DBA Doginhaus

2770 W. Rasmussen Rd Bldg. F, Park City, UT 84098

We love animals and we wanted to build a safe, healthy environment away from home! Doginhaus was created in Park City, Utah–a dog friendly place known for its mountain trails and scenic views. We spent years researching things that make our furry friends feel comfortable, happy, relaxed and pampered. Much time and effort was made consulting with experts in their fields to incorporate items that were durable, long lasting and made using sustainable materials. From our lodging units, to the playground area, no attention to detail was spared. After all, our pets are subject to the same stress factors that we face everyday. Clients can be assured that we have our guests’ health and safety as our top priority. Our friendly and informative staff is available to answer questions or address any special requests to ensure a safe, comfortable and relaxing visit. Doginhaus is more than a lodge; it is a spa and play center for the modern pet.
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