Team Empower Hour

Team Building with Olympians

An Olympian-led team-building experience that is designed to build happy, highly motivated, and more confident World Class teams and leaders. Olympians believe that inspiration and strong team relationships are cultivated in several ways. People support what they help create and, in our team-building experiences, we guide your team to use the same skills and mindset we used when going for gold on the world’s biggest stage. Your team will focus on building trusting relationships, improving communication, and of course committing to a common goal. We also address anxiety, burnout, and stress by providing tools and techniques to successfully navigate through them. Team building in a positive atmosphere is key and we will fill this experience with more inspiration and fun than you can imagine! Allow our Olympic success to empower your corporate victory!

Mountain Top Magic Corporate Retreat

A rejuvenating cabin retreat for corporate teams and leaders looking to elevate and maximize their success in today’s fast-paced environment. A successful company retreat has the power to transform your organization’s culture and team dynamic. Our goal is to allow your team to take a collective breath and reflect, reunite, refocus, and amplify your company’s success story. Nature has a way of bringing balance back into our lives and reminding us what is truly important. All in a setting that inspires connectivity, we offer Olympian-led facilitation, focused discussions, outdoor activities, and of course a little friendly competition. With a mountaintop cabin as a home base and a private chef at your disposal, we foster a restorative space amongst the trees and in the sunshine where your team will create magic!

Keynote Speeches by Shannon Bahrke

2 X Olympic Medalist, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Business Owner, and Mom Shannon Bahrke is a big dreamer and goal-achieving expert!! She e9uips organizations to truly Go For Gold with the same mindset, tools, and strategies she mastered in the 3 Olympic Games and during her twelve-year career on the U.S. Ski Team! During Shannon's energetic and inspiring presentation, she will take you on a life journey of how she went from a girl who hated the moguls to a history-making mogul skier, winning 2 Olympic medals. Meeting planners and clients alike have repeatedly said, "Shannon is the best speaker we have ever had, her energy is infectious!" They appreciate that her message has immediate impact and actionable take-aways. Shannon's presentation is ideal for those looking to empower their leaders, teams, and individuals to maximize their potential, performance, and happiness!!

Meet & Greet Olympian Opportunities

Having an Olympic medalist or Olympian attend your special event is like adding a dose of energy and celebrity that brings guests together for a once-in-a-lifetime experience they will never forget! Most Americans have never met an Olympian, let alone hold a real Olympic medal. Savor the memories with an exclusive opportunity to have your guests take pictures with our Olympians wearing their medals, signing autographs, and listening to insider stories of their Olympic journey. Trust us, this Olympian experience is a runaway hit!

Workout with an Olympian (Bootcamp, yoga, or cool down stretch & foam roller)

Getting active is what Olympians do best and we want to share our knowledge of moving your body and getting those endorphins flowing. Allow us to lead you and your team through a variety of workouts that work for every ability level and age. We want to share our passion for fitness, so everyone goes away feeling happy because they executed a workout at their own ability level!!

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