Stoke Coach // Personal Training and Outdoor Fitness Guide

Park City, UT


Hi! I'm Rachel and I am a personal fitness trainer with a holistic view on wellness that creates custom outdoor fitness experience to help people feel strong and confident in their bodies, connect more deeply with nature, and live life in radical amazement through mindfulness, gratitude, and celebration.

I'm STOKED on life and all about prioritizing my mental and physical health - so make some time to prioritize yours, where we train to be the best versions of ourselves, summit our individual peaks (physical or mental), mountain bike, ski, snowboard, play outside, where we take risks, and show up for ourselves. Turn your health and fitness goals into a reality.

I call myself a STOKE COACH because I help people stoke the fire within them to feel powerful and alive and lead an inspired life. I like to get my clients excited about moving their bodies outside, challenging themselves, and feeling connected to nature. I'd love to help you spend more time outside, find joy in movement, connect more deeply with nature, feel fit, strong, healthy, and confident in your body, and get you out of your comfort zone to find your inner badass. I can meet you amongst our wide-open spaces here in Park City - at your residence, vacation rental, hotel, park, or trailhead where we can identify a fitness and wellness routine that you will adhere to and have fun with.

I not only work with individuals, duets, or small groups, but also corporate clients creating custom outdoor fitness programs for executives, meeting participants, spouses/partners of corporate retreat participants to help create some mindful movement during stays in Park City.

Some things we can do together:

  • Personalized fitness sessions
  • Functional training for skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, or everyday life!
  • Dynamic stretching/recovery/yoga
  • A mindful hike that focuses on gratitude and celebration.
  • Hiking/Mountain Biking
  • Be an Adventure buddy

* Each session is tailored to your needs.

It's about sustainable fitness and what gets you moving on a consistent basis, something that you look forward to and are STOKED about - and that's where I come in!

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