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  • Montevideo 1985 4to of 25, Bs.As.
  • C.P. 1021
  • 54 911 5491 7782

Welcome to Proonda, We would like to share our secret with you, the formulation of making your dreams come true. We have the vacations That You Have Been waiting for and to enjoy to the fullest. Take some time, and get to know some of the best places. Relax, info we have everything planned, and would like to share our experience and knowledge. We want to Accompany, advise, and teach you along the way. While you dedicate yourself to enjoying the moment, we take care of the rest. Call us to start your dream vacation now!

To be a worldwide operation, Known for excellence in adventure sport services.

To Achieve a worldwide reputation, in our areas of expertise, providing the highest quality services to our clientele.