Planted Life

Park City, UT 84098


We love food and fundamentally believe it should taste amazing no matter how healthy it is. We believe in a lifestyle grounded on a plant-based diet, packed with nutrient rich food, variety and maximum flavor. We skip the nasties that can upset body balance and instead provide deliciously clean solutions delivered directly to your home or office door. Planted Life is not a traditional diet instead, it is a food solution that is based around seeking balance in an unbalanced world. We know life has a habit of getting in the way of our best-intended plans but we'll keep you on track on the days, weeks or months (or years!) you want to give you body the food and nutrition that empowers it to be at it's best. It doesn't need to be every meal every day. Adding even a couple of plant-based meals to your week will help you begin to enjoy the goodness of a healthy diet no matter how busy you are, or how skilled you are in the kitchen. We don't count calories, but you can rest assured that everything we deliver is packed with wholesomely fresh fruit and vegetables, energy-packed seeds, nuts and gluten-free grains, healthy oils and most importantly a ton of flavor!

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