Cool, classic pads for the outdoor enthusiast seeking a comfortable and reasonable alternative to traditional resort lodging.

Our pads have history and character (which, by the way, is NOT marketing lingo for dilapidated and smelly). Think of Crash Pads as classic lodging that has EVOLVED. Each Crash Pad is clean, has flat screen TV’s and iPod clock radios, premium coffee, and 300 count linens including washable duvet covers – no more throwing the comforter in the corner using steak tongs.

Sorry, your pad does not come with a concierge or bell man, but the Crash Pads website is an excellent resource for local information about great places to eat and drink, the Scene (concerts and events), and the best shops to gear up. If you would pick First Chair over the ‘splendid opulence’ of a day at the spa or five-course dinners, and need a clean, comfortable unit with modern touches, then Park City Crash Pads is your place.

Property Amenities
  • Wheelchair Accessible:
  • Laundry Services:
  • Outdoor Pool: