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Climb an Alternative Peak! MoCrazy Strong can help you & your organization:

  • Be their own personal best
  • Set attainable goals
  • Climb an alternative peak

Imagine you are travelling around the world as a professional skier, competing on multiple continents and at events like Dew Tour and X-Games. You are breaking world records by becoming the first woman in the world to flip off a rail as well as land a double backflip at X-Games. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, your life comes tumbling down. You crash on a trick, paralyzing half of your body and knocking you into a coma. You have to relearn every gross motor skill as you begin to climb an alternative peak. That is Jamie MoCrazy’s story. Jamie shares her story as a sport resiliency keynote speaker.

Jamie’s mother, Grace Mauzy PhD Candidate, M.A., affectionately known as “Mama MoCrazy, applied her many years studying developmental psychology to help Jamie progress further than anyone on her medical team thought possible. Grace shares those strategies to help your company climb a higher peak.

Jamie’s sister, Jeanee, remained competing professionally in halfpipe skiing and now uses her skills and experience in event planning to organize luxury mindset transformation retreats that act as fundraisers for MoCrazy Strong’s TBI specific opportunities and education. Today, Jamie, Jeanee, and Mama MoCrazy have created MoCrazy Strong to develop inspirational keynotes, programs and workshops that share their methodologies for climbing alternative peaks after company setbacks.

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