Gigaplex Architects

1255 Ironhorse Dr, Park City, UT 84060

Gigaplex is 10 to the billionth power, which corresponds (roughly) to the number of states of mind an individual has during a lifetime. gigaplex ARCHITECTS is a company embedded within the mountains, canyons, basins, rivers and valleys of the Wasatch Back, conscious of and continually mining the evolution of the best ideas and best values of the people and their things, the animals and their air and space, our landscape and its water. It imagines, develops, designs and builds according to the principles of its community; it acts local, thinks global; it is committed, material and soul, to enhancing the joy of living; it seeks to influence the survival of our species; it depicts itself: “Life-specific”. Our client? The end user: our community, for now and as far as our gigaplex states of mind can reach the future needs. Admittedly, we stretch for the absolute best of and for everything and all concerned. We try to frame space with architecture humble, unique, flowing and grand; it is what is as exactly as possible the whole notion of community call for: Uniform disparity, Disparate uniformity; Stories, Legend, background. It’s what’s written. It’s in what we build. We attempt to achieve the timelessness of palpable quality. We look through the glasses of affordability, structure and aesthetics, ever balancing Vitruvius’s lasting trinity of architectural goals: Firmness, Commodity and Delight.
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