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  • P. O. Box 682032
  • Park City, UT 84068
  • 866.232.8314

What We Do

Our business is focused on solar technology, primarily for the residential market.   Since 2010, we have installed 298 solar thermal systems and more than 1,400 solar PV systems.   With this experience and a strong customer support base we have a competitive edge over our competition, especially considering the rapid appearance of new contractors in our state.

Company History

DwellTek was founded in 2010 on the principal that the energy challenges we face in this country are real and significant.  DwellTek was unique in offering a thoughtful approach to identifying and solving these challenges for real homes on the premise that only when home energy efficiency is a good financial investment will the mass market begin to move.  Today our catalogue of products and services reflects the current market demand while staying true to our defining mission of providing a quality service with a definable return on investment for our clients.


DwellTek seeks to be the source of better information for solar buyers in Utah.  We strive to provide un-biased evaluations that put facts at the center of every conversation we have during a clients path to purchase, we earn their trust before we earn their business.  With this as our guide, our growth potential is unlimited.


DwellTek is driven every day, to provide the solar marketplace with high quality, reliable products, and do so with value and customer experience at the center of every transaction.


DwellTek is a leader in the Utah solar industry because we work hard to help homeowners live more comfortably, economically, and sustainably in their homes.  It’s not just selling solar systems for us, but rather engaging with customers in a long-term process to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and their impact in the community.  Whether it be working to build and maintain local trails to swinging hammers to helping build schools in impoverished areas, its all about community.