Defy Industries Group

1738 S West Hoytsville Rd, Coalville, UT 84107

Defy Industries was founded on the principle that safe and healthy environments are essential for individuals. Defy Industries creates a sense of security and peace of mind for our customers by killing surface bacteria, viruses, and fungus (use as directed on hard, non props surfaces) that last up to 30 days. Health and safety have always been a priority and has been emphasized even more as of late in culture worldwide. Germs are in the air and on every surface, you touch and interact with every day. People are aware of this now more than ever before. ”Whether germs are viral, bacterial, or fungal, some can remain active on most surfaces for several days -- no matter whether the surface is stainless steel, wood, plastic, or even the paper in a magazine," says Elaine Jong, MD, co-director of the University of Washington Travel Clinic in Seattle. Defy Industries addresses this by providing a sanitization process and elimination of surface germs.
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