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All of us at Cuisine Unlimited consider the health and wellness of our guests, vendors, and our staff our top priority. We are always diligent in providing healthy food prepared in sanitary kitchens and take seriously that we are providing food and nutrition to thousands of people each year. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, we are taking additional precautions - steps that will continue long after this virus is eradicated from our community. This includes hand sanitizers in our box lunches as well as hand sanitizer on our buffets. Our kitchens have always been cleaned top to bottom daily using bleach and commercial non-toxic/non-carcinogen cleaners. Currently, only a handful of staff are working at our commissary. All other staff are working remotely so we can continue to serve your catering needs. Please consider ordering a box lunch for a good client who is still working within their offices. What a kind gesture to let them know how much you appreciate them. Consider sending a box lunch to your employees working from home. Remember your family, friends and neighbors with the kindness of a prepared meal. Think about the your next celebration and the VERY IMPORTANT OCCASION THAT WILL BE. Book your venue now and lets confirm you on our calendar. Time for a great Summer Party!! Order our gift certificate for a special occasion gift. It helps us, it helps our economy and It brightens the spirits of the gift giver and gift receiver. We are grateful and thank you for your continued support of our company.
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