Blue Soulspace - Amie Brooke, L.Ac.

1678 Bonanza Dr, Park City, UT 84060

A Utah native who recently returned to her mountain homeland, Amie Brooke is the owner of Blue SoulSpace, an acupuncture and herbal medicine clinic located in Prospector Square in Park City. Her specialties include natural pain relief, sleep improvement, stress + anxiety reduction, and facial rejuvenation. “My role is to facilitate your healing process so you feel better immediately and achieve long term wellness. Our bodies are similar to the electronic devices we carry around, running too many programs and requiring frequent energetic re-boots that acupuncture can safely and quickly provide. Acupuncture is not a painful procedure - it’s normally calming and relaxing and most people fall asleep on the table! My patients experience reduced stress, better sleep, improved mood, and less pain and illness with regular acupuncture and herbal support. The consistent results and helping people heal are why I love this medicine and my work.” Amie is a board-certified, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with over 25 years of experience treating pain and sports injuries and offering performance enhancement to athletes and weekend warriors. She also helps her patients manage their stress, anxiety and sleep issues with safe, natural, drug-free solutions. Amie enjoys working with all ages, from seniors to children, helping people recover quickly from injuries and reinforcing healthy lifestyle habits that incorporate stretching, rest and optimal nutrition.
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