Aubergine Kitchen

1570 Newpark Blvd Unit D-4, Park City, UT 84098

Aubergine Kitchen was founded in 2014 by a first generation American family committed to the pursuit of a more straightforward, accessible, and enjoyable approach to healthy eating. Beyond serving delicious and healthy food, the company’s main purpose is to change lives from the inside out. This purpose is reflected by an evergreen menu featuring flavors from around the world, made with only whole ingredients—unprocessed and unrefined—to help everyone eat better, feel different. Our food philosophy is driven by 7 core principles championed by our founders and upheld in each of our restaurants. Our approach to healthy eating gives our customers peace of mind with everything we serve, so everyone can eat better, feel different. We believe it’s possible to maintain a healthy diet without sacrificing satisfaction. That’s why we’ve ensured the nutritional value of food is matched by incredible flavor. We create crave-worthy, healthy food that will make you feel different. Read more about our mission here. Aubergine Kitchen isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle! Watch here
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