360 Touch

3070 Rasmussen Rd, Park City, UT 84098

360 Touch is a full service advertising agency providing local and national media buying, SEO (search engine optimization), Contextual Internet Advertising, graphics for print and a full production studio for all of your audio-video needs. Consumers are exposed to more advertising messages than ever before, up to 3,000 a day. These messages include traditional advertising from radio, TV, billboards and the internet, and they also include more subtle messages like logos on apparel, equipment and even your fast food bag. Creating results can be complicated, you need a professional that can ensure you buy media correctly and efficiently. The elements needed for success are: • Reaching the right people who are in the market to buy your product or use your service. • Reaching the right people enough times to motivate them to buy from you. • Being consistent with your marketing, no matter what your budget. • Creating a message that will connect with the consumer. Depending on your needs, we can use some or all of the advertising mediums available to touch potential customers from 360 degrees.
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