Miners' Day Parade & Celebration

On September 2, park City will celebrate what is thought to be the 124th anniversary of the first Miners' Parade down Historic Main Street. During the mining boom of the 1870's more than 300 local miners produces silver ore, from more than 1,000 miles of mining tunnels, that was valued at more than $500 million at the time. While it has been more than a century since mining was the main industry in Park City, the town, thanks to the The Park City Rotary Club, celebrates with a daylong festival each Labor Day.

10,00 yellow golf balls rolling down Main Street in Park City, Utah

Running of the Balls

10:45 AM Top of Historic Main Street
Patterned after the fabled Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, nearly 10,000 yellow golf balls will roll down Historic Main Street. Balls may be adopted for just $5, or five for $20, and proceeds benefiting community nonprofits.

T-Rex in Labor Day parade in Park City, Utah

Miners' Day Parade

11:00 AM Historic Main Street
The parade starts just after the annual Running of the Balls. The parade route runs the length of Main Street, turns left at Heber Avenue, then right on Park Avenue ending at City Park.

Miners' Day Rock after Drilling Competition

Mucking and Drilling

2:00 PM City Park
One of the highlights of the annual Miner’s Day celebration is the Mucking and Drilling competition. Competitors come from around the mountain west to compete in timed events that simulate the demanding work done in Park City’s silver mines. Learn what mucking and drilling is.

Singer, Guitarist, and Drummer on outdoor stage

Live Music in City Park

12:00-5:00PM City Park
There will be music throughout the afternoon in City Park courtesy of Mountain Town Music. View the band lineup.