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There are many factors that contribute to Park City, Utah’s uniqueness, including its people. The My Town series highlights a variety of individuals who have made Park City their home.

Anna and Robbie of Ritual Chocolate 

Meet Anna Davies and Robbie Stout, the co-founders of Ritual Chocolate, and learn how their dreams of producing single-origin craft chocolate became a reality here in Park City.

Charlie Sturgis of Mountain Trails Foundation

Meet Charlie Sturgis, Executive Director of Mountain Trails Foundation and learn how he has helped build, maintain, and protect Park City's trails. 

Bruce "Goose" Juhl of All Seasons Adventures

Meet Bruce Juhl (more commonly known as Goose), founder of All Seasons Adventures, and find out what inspired him to provide visitors with access to outdoor activities in Park City.

Greg Schirf of Wasatch Brewery

Meet Greg Schirf, founder of Schirf Brewing Company -- makers of Wasatch Beers, and learn how his dreams impacted the future of Brew Pubs here in Park City. Stay tuned for more segments of My Town. Cheers!

Bryon Friedman of Soul Poles

Meet Bryon Friedman, founder of Soul Poles, and learn about how he made his dreams of producing eco-friendly, bamboo ski poles a reality.

Brian Richards of Mountain Town Music

Meet Brian Richards, Executive Director of Mountain Town Music and learn how he contributes to Park City's music scene.

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