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While today Park City, Utah is known as a top-rated winter destination, its history runs deep in silver mining.  Park City was incorporated in 1884 after the area was discovered to be rich in silver. The town flourished as people flocked to the area from all over the world in hopes of striking it rich. In the 1930s, skiing began to draw interest after a ski jump was built atop the Creole Mine dump. As the mining industry started to crumble, skiing in Park City continued to gain popularity when a ski lift was installed at Snow Park (now Deer Valley Resort) in 1946. and then again in the mid-60s with the opening of Treasure Mountain (now Park City Mountain Resort). Although silver mining in Park City disappeared for good by the 1980s when the price of silver declined drastically, the ski industry continued to grow.

Park City Mountain Resort offers an incredible amount of terrain that’s easy to access.
Park City, Utah, was once a little mining town—but now its notoriety has shifted to skiing and the impressive nightlife that follows. And it’s not so little anymore: One of the town’s two resorts has grown tremendously in size since both the Park City Mountain and neighboring Canyons Resort properties were purchased and combined by Vail Resorts, making one gigantic, continuous Park City Mountain Resort.


Located just above Park City Mountain Resort’s Canyons Village, Doc’s Run overlooks the village area and Swaner Preserve and Ecocenter’s open space. On a bluebird day, you can even see as far as the Uinta Mountain Range.  Doc’s Run offers a steady pitch, allowing you to coast into Canyons Village with ease.  It’s a great way to finish up a day on the mountain, as it is accessible via the Orange Bubble Express lift mid-station, which drops you off right next to Lookout Cabin where the fondue and views from the deck will knock your socks off.

Navigating winter weather can be tricky, especially for those who’ve never been to a winter climate like Park City, Utah before.  Worry not— if it’s your first time to a mountain town, we have you covered.  Follow these tips and you’ll be more comfortable, warmer, and happier in chilly and snowy weather.  And, might we add, you don’t have to ditch style to stay warm.

Park City's two resorts have so much terrain to cover, you won't get close to exploring it all in seven days. 
Park City is unique among winter vacation destinations because of the diversity that is created by having two world-class ski operations within minutes of each other. In some cases, Deer Valley Resort is separated by a rope on a ridge from Park City Mountain Resort, but there is no connection beyond that, so you’ll rely on the character, access, and infrastructure of the town to open the gates to both. You could easily spend 7 days at only one, but for this itinerary, buckle up for a whirlwind tour of both.

Deer Valley has transformed what a ski resort can be. 
When you arrive at Deer Valley Resort, you see where the notion of first-class service and skiing are fused. A couple generations ago, people expected a rustic experience when they went skiing: cafeteria food, camp-like lodging, and a little bit of roughing it. That was part of the package.

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