Fall is a beautiful time to visit Park City, Utah. As our lush Summer greens transform into a kaleidoscope of Fall colors, the town lights up with excitement for outdoor recreation with a stunning natural backdrop. The crisp weather is perfect for exploring the mountains and strolling Historic Main Street. Here is a list of our favorite things to do in Park City in the fall.

Hike the Trails Less Traveled

A great way to immerse yourself in the beauty of these mountains in the Autumn is to head out on some of the trails less traveled. Make sure your camera is charged!

Take a Mountain Bike Tour

Experience Park City’s 450 miles of mountain biking trails with a guide from White Pine Touring who will show you the perfect trail for your skill and ability level. A tour is a great option for visitors and locals alike. Your guide will have plenty of trail suggestions that match your ability level and potentially even offer options that are completely new to you. If you are looking to discover your next favorite trail in Park City, we highly suggested taking a guided tour from White Pine. Read about our recent experience taking a tour

Learn a New Skill at Woodward Park City

Coaching sessions at Woodward Park City are a great way to get out of your comfort zone and learn new skills. Also, learn how they are working to Play Forever with their sustainability initiative

Go Horseback Riding

Enjoy a horseback ride through tight groves of aspen trees, calmly flowing creeks, up and down briefly steep mountain slopes, and into colorful fields of wildflowers.

Give Fly Fishing a Try

Fly Fishing in Park City is a great opportunity to get outside to enjoy the Mountains this Fall. For those of you who desire to learn as much as possible about holding water, casting techniques, fish behavior, fly choice, and to overall have a great day on the river in the mountains of Park City, we recommend reading about our latest experience with Park City Fly Fishing Guides who will provide you with everything you need, and will have the fish biting in no time!

Explore Town by Electric Bike

Park City's history has been impeccably preserved, and almost all of it can be reached by bike. We guarantee you will be surprised by how many interesting sites we have in town that people drive by every day. Our helpful maps and paved pathways will make your ride even smoother. Summit Bike Share has a fleet of bikes all over town and is a great way to get around. Check out a fun itinerary

Go on a Ghost Tour

Get into the Halloween spirit and don't miss Park City Ghost Tours for a historic look at Park City's unique mining history. During the Ghost Tour Experience, you will learn about Park City’s mining history, as well as supernatural stories of people who lived and died in the historic homes and buildings.

Fly Over Town on a Hot Air Balloon

Take in the absolute best views of Park City with a hot air balloon ride high above the town. Gaze out over Kamas Valley as you ascend thousands of feet into the sky with the Wasatch Mountains forming a rugged skyline to the west and the streets of Park City gradually getting smaller and smaller. It’s a smooth ride to the top where quiet contemplation awaits.

Stroll Historic Main Street

Close out the month and kickstart the weekend by enjoying an evening of food, drinks, music, and amazing artwork. Don't miss out on Park City Gallery Association’s monthly gallery stroll.