An official Festival vehicle at the 1990 Sundance Film Festival. Photo by Sandria Miller © Sundance Institute
Guest post by Nate von Zumwalt

The art of deftly navigating Park City during the Sundance Film Festival hinges on two hard-and-fast rules: 1. Do not rent a car. 2. Use the free shuttle. While we all covet the independence of our own vehicles - especially those Angelenos - trust us when it comes to this one admonition. Parking within Park City is virtually nonexistent during the Festival, and the free shuttle system is a well-oiled machine. Your greatest resource will be the downloadable 2015 Transit Map, which features a downtown street map, venue locations, shuttle bus routes, estimated walking times, taxi information, and parking information (but not without another caveat).

If you won't take our word for it that shuttles offer the path of least resistance at the Festival, at least take Sundance alum Katie Aselton's testimony: "Always take a shuttle or a cab. Even if you think that because everyone else is taking a shuttle or a cab, it will somehow free up traffic and/or parking spots, that's never the case. My father-in-law once parked his car on a 45-degree angle on a snowbank because it was the only available spot. Inevitably at some point over the week you will hit a patch of ice and skid your rental car right into a stop sign. Don't ask me how I know that, I just do."
Sundance Map
Download the 2015 Festival Transit Map

And new for 2015, Park City Transit and the Sundance Film Festival have collaborated on a mobile app that shows real-time bus information. So if you're wondering, "Where's my shuttle bus?" just check your phone for the latest info. Search the apple store for "Avail Technologies" and download the app called "MyStop." Android users can visit Also be sure to look for the friendly orange-vested volunteers at shuttle stops. These folks can help with all shuttle questions.

Getting to and Around Park City:
Finally, for your ride to and from the airport, and transportation around Park City please visit the Chamber/Bureau website for a list transportation options.