Sled dogs get very excited to hit the snow. Image courtesy of All Seasons Adventures. 
Want a different way to have fun in the snow? Take a dog sledding trip with some truly special animals. 

DISTANCE: 5.0 miles. Trip distance varies
DIFFICULTY: 2 out of 5
TIME TO COMPLETE: 3 hours. 1-3 hours depending on your tour
DOG FRIENDLY: No. Oddly enough, no. It's best to leave your dog at home
FEES/PERMITS: Yes. Fees vary by trip

Explore the snow-covered mountains in a way like no other, while learning about the incredible dogs that power your ride. You have several options when it comes to dog sledding in the Park City area.

Riding in a dog sled is a fun way to travel, plus you’ll learn all about this unique activity and the incredible dogs.

Located just 15 minutes from downtown Park City, All Seasons Adventures features rides through the meadows of the Wasatch and Uinta Mountain Ranges. The team of huskies will pull you along, and you’ll learn about the handling and care of the dogs. These dogs love to run, and it’s a thrill to be part of the team. The experience is great for families with children ages three and older.

The dog sled teams are led by mushers Maren and Racer Gibson, who have been rescuing sled dogs from local animal shelters for more than 12 years. They are the founders of Arctic Breed Rescue, an animal rescue group based in Utah. Maren and Racer started mushing as a way to exercise their dogs, and many of the dogs on their team have been adopted from local animal shelters. The dogs are treated as pets first and foremost.

Most people start with a one-hour experience, which is a good exposure to dog sledding. The dogs run on quiet, scenic trails created on private land. The sleds hold up to 350 pounds, and families can be divided into groups for multiple rides. Transportation is also available to and from Park City for those without a car.

The family-owned Luna Lobos also offers dog sledding, just 15 minutes east of Park City. It features an experienced team of dogs that include both Iditarod veterans and rescue dogs, and the trip will take you on the trails at the Rancho Luna Lobos.

Anyone who loves dogs, loves the outdoors, and wants to take an enjoyable ride with these amazing animals.

Reservations are necessary at both All Seasons Adventures and Luna Lobos. Call ahead to schedule a ride. Transportation to the facilities can also be arranged.

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