One of the features of the new website is the larger images to showcase your business / service. You may load images into your account and attach them to the appropriate listings and coupons.

  • All Non-Lodging images must be exactly  600 wide x 400 high (pixels), saved for web as a .jpg. Lodging images must be exactly  690 wide x 460 high (pixels), saved for web as a .jpg.
  • Any image that is smaller than will be stretched to those dimensions and look blurry. Additionally please do not load images that are more than 96 dpi or larger than 100 kb since they will adversely affect page load time which is a critical element of a responsive site. 
  • The sort order 1 image will be the image that displays on the listing overview. Then the entire gallery will be available in the listing detail page. If you wish to include a logo you may load it as a jpg image. If your logo is smaller than 600 wide x 400 high we suggest you add padding (white space) around the image so that the logo is not pixelated.

Adding/Editing an Image 

Login to Member Portal  

Step 1

Click on Web Tab 

Step 2

Click on Media

Step 3 or 4

Add a new image or Edit/Replace an existing image. One thing to note is that the Sort Order will by default be set in the order you upload images. 

Screen Shot Member Images

Add Image Screen