Once an Olympic host city, always a warm and welcoming host city. At least that’s the way Park City, Utah has carried themselves over the years. The diverse workforce really knows how to treat a guest, making travel as convenient as possible for visitors. Here are some tips for your next vacation into the Wasatch Mountains.

Customer service

Visitor services are clearly top priority in Park City. Bringing services to a traveler proves that this town is willing to go the extra mile. Traveling with kids or pets, and need a sitter? Done! Someone to deliver your groceries? Okay! The customer service in Park City goes above and beyond. This can be attributed to their history of welcoming thousands of guests during the 2002 Olympic Games.

Ease of access

A quick 35-minute drive transports visitors from the international airport in Salt Lake City to the mountain town of Park City. There are public and private transport options to match every budget. Once in the mountains, visitors can take advantage of the free shuttle that loops around town and makes regular runs to all three mountain resort base areas.

Packing list

Since Park City is a year-round destination, visitors really need to plan according to their play. Toting skis and bikes isn’t always so easy, and Park City understands that. If you need to rent or purchase gear, there are several spots around town to do so. A major consideration is the weather, and knowing that it changes rapidly in the mountains. Even though it’s warm during the day, temperatures typically drop when the sun does. Wearing layers can help you balance your comfort. Final items to pack include sunglasses, sunscreen and a water bottle.

A note about the weather and elevation

Sitting at 7,000’ above sea level, Park City brings visitors just a little closer to the sun. With that type of exposure, it’s easy to get a little bit of a sunburn without expecting it. So, plan to reapply sunscreen throughout the day and keep those eyes protected. Altitude sickness is also a common issue for visitors acclimating to the area. Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated will help fight off headaches and nausea. As mentioned previously, when dusk sets in the temperature drops quickly.

Where to stay

Park City boasts a range of accommodations for all travelers. Homes with kitchens are great for families traveling together, though splurging on a cute boutique hotel with girlfriends might be more suitable. Stay at the ski resort base areas to catch the first chair every morning, or near Main Street for shopping and nightlife options.

Park City remains one of the most vibrant post-Olympic Games communities. Between the hospitality and amenities throughout town, travelers will feel welcomed and right at home in the mountain haven of Park City, Utah.