Fact: I knew zero facts about drinking in Utah before writing this guide to drinking in Utah. I honestly wasn't 100% sure they had bars, and if they did, I was 1,000% sure they only served 3.2% ABV beers. And liquor? Hahaha, no. I had worked it out in my mind that the reason High West Distillery could even exist in Utah was either because: 1) it was on an Indian Reservation (sovereign land, yo!), or 2) they were part of some weird Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo amendment. Either way, I was positive you couldn't get the drinks you wanted in Utah. But then I spent a week there doing EXACTLY THAT, and in the process, learned some stuff about: 1) Utah's drinking laws, and 2) the must-hit bars in Utah's best ski towns. Here's everything you need to know about BOTH. To read the full article, please click here.