When David Belz saw the old bus barn on Woodside Avenue across from the library more than 30 years ago, “I was instantly inspired,” he recalls. The historic brick building and column-free floor space captured the imagination of the yoga and martial arts aficionado and practicing architect. He soon opened The Shop yoga sanctuary and events center, a unique space blending instruction with a beautiful indoor/outdoor venue for everything from weddings to Sundance events.

“Profoundly moved” by yoga and the martial arts, The Shop is an opportunity to “live what I love by example,” David says. “We naturally want to share something that brings magic to our lives, and we are all looking for a place to find connection and support,” he adds. “Our practices encourage a profound sense of community.”

Over time, David created a Zen-influenced garden and designed the garage that effortlessly frames the outdoor space and matches the brick studio, “contributing to the magic,” he smiles.

His own Park City magic started in the ‘70s with a call from local legend (and fellow Florida Gator) Ira Sachs, a family friend. “I was in my dorm room in Florida when Ira called,” looking for a ski partner, David remembers. “From then on, I was here every year.” Convinced to move west, “I visited Vail, Breckenridge, Bend and Sun Valley before deciding ‘This is the place,’” he exclaims.

Continuing the Sachs family connection, The Shop regularly welcomes Sundance-related filmmakers, in recent years hosting 1497, “an event supporting South Asian filmmakers,” he says.  

An “introverted extrovert,” David loves sharing great food and good workouts while enjoying quiet walks and time with his son, “though I’m recently an empty nester,” he adds.

Of his unique contribution to Park City’s well-being, “I love how it makes me feel,” David says. “It gives me a sense of completeness and accomplishment.” 

Well deserved, we hasten to add. Start your introduction to this distinctive local venue at ParkCityYoga.com.