When Jeff Barnard and partners bought The Eating Establishment in 2017, they "spruced it up a bit," Jeff recalls. "And by 'spruced it up,' I mean we added a bar," he laughs. A longtime area denizen who remembers "riding my bike in the Park City Fourth of July parade in 1968," Jeff knew he was taking on a PC institution with The Eating Establishment, which opened on Main in 1972. "Previous owner Rick Anderson decided to retire, and nobody seemed to want the place," he recalls. Already an experienced Salt Lake restauranteur, "I was convinced adding a great bar would help," he remembers. Today, the craft cocktails are works of art. Chef Brendan Kawakami from Jeff's Salt Lake Beer Bar restaurant rounded out the 'breakfast all day' menu with soul-satisfying comfort foods.

"I spend most of my time in the restaurant now," Jeff says. "I love creating the recipes, the mood, talking about its history to everybody that comes in." He is adding new chapters with a colorful ownership group of self-described "local yahoos" that includes Modern Family actor Ty Burrell, "married to my wife's cousin," Jeff grins.

Looking out on the world from Main is a daily reminder to Jeff that Park City's allure is persistent. "I rode horses around town in the '70s," he remembers when his family lived in Salt Lake. "I bought a house in Swede Alley in 1989. I skied Park City Mountain thousands of times and skied Deer Valley runs before the lifts were built. Lots of history here."

Off hours, Jeff spends time with family, golf, and "being creative." He loves vintage cars, and in 1983, he sold a Porsche 914 that last year, he unknowingly bought back from an owner thousands of miles away.

Like that Porsche, Park City has kept coming around in Jeff's life, one of the many things he loves celebrating.