Need to know what a Stoke Coach is? Then find time to meet up with Rachel Friedman Elberts on her journey to live originally and authentically. "I help people get outside more," says the proprietor. "Conquering fear, following passion, eating healthier, or living a well-designed life all define that stoke factor."

"Spontaneous escapades" is how Rachel describes her life. For example, "Three weeks into our relationship, my now-husband Mike invited me to meet him in Thailand after he completed a three-month sailing voyage, and I didn't hesitate," she laughs. "We met up and embarked on a month-long exploration of Southeast Asia." The pair married in Thailand, "sealing our unique love story."

Their move to the Wasatch Back originated in San Francisco. "We liked skiing and mountain towns, and Park City was part of Epic Pass," making it easy to hit the slopes in other ski towns, she recalls. Mike's serendipitous work transfer to Salt Lake sealed the deal. Now, she says, "a hike, a bike ride, or a snowboarding session are my reset button. That I don't have to travel to immerse myself in nature is a privilege I cherish."

A commitment to "leading an inspired life" has guided Rachel's every step, including going into business for herself. "An inspired life entails intentionality, following your principles, values, and mission. To me, an inspired life means serving others and purposefully creating something with fervor."

Rachel says that true to her love of movement, adventure, and nature, "I structure my business around being active and outdoors. What ignites my passion is helping people become stronger and more confident in their outdoor activities and discover that fitness is not a one-size-fits-all deal.”

Encountering Rachel is not a one-size-fits-all-all deal either. You will discover a Chamber partner with a unique, adaptable spirit, excited to live joyfully and always ready to help you achieve.