Ever wonder what happened to your old summer camp counselors? The whole experience was so gratifying for Palmer Daniels that it sparked an entire career. "I learned so much about myself as and grew as a young person at camps," says the Program Manager at Chamber partner SOS Outreach. "I wanted to continue to be part of that for others."

The lure of the slopes carried Palmer far from the pine-scented Georgia camps of her childhood. "I had the ski bum itch and headed west as soon as I was done with school,” laughs the Atlanta native and University of Georgia grad. “I got a job as a lifty at PCMR in 2018 and moved to Utah without knowing anyone. It was a gamble! The shared community value of love for the outdoors has kept me here."

"We do a lot of skiing and snowboarding at SOS," she says. "The focus is on bringing young people together with opportunities to challenge themselves. Many in our programs are looking for a place to be themselves, connect with peers and have fun on the mountain."

That sounds like Palmer, too. "I love to ski!" she enthuses. "Most Saturdays, if I am not at PCMR in a tutu having fun with our Mentor Program, I'm skiing with friends."

She credits "great support from a loving family" with motivating her dedication to youth. "I get to see them grow and lean into the awesome people they are becoming," she enthuses. "I also love that we live in a community with great resources and supportive ski resorts."

Palmer loves kicking into quiet mode to chillax from her high-energy days outdoors. "I recently picked up knitting again, and I love a long walk on parts of the Rail Trail."

"But I can often be convinced to stop into PC Brewery for a beer and their chicken sandwich," she laughs.