You know you are in a family business when the basic idea is your mom's.

"We planned a t-shirt shop in Old Sacramento in 2007, but there were already tons of them," says Sock City GM Emily Killian. "My mom said, 'Hey, why not socks?'" 

After a second store in Lake Tahoe was also successful, "we started looking for similar places, and Park City quickly climbed to the top of the list," Emily says. The family opened Sock City across from the Egyptian Theatre in 2014. "My sister manages our website, and my brothers help out, too," Emily says. The family also takes a hand in footwear design. "We have a sock showing Main Street at night that people love," Emily smiles.

The floor-to-ceiling sock display speaks volumes about the family's colorful joie de vivre. "We love to see customers' faces light up," she says. "People have never seen so many socks, and they always find something they didn't know they wanted!"

Positive community change is a family value, and they have jumped in with both feet. " “We deliver hundreds of pairs to Christian Center of Park City,” Emily says. “Socks are one of the most needed shelter items but the least donated. So, when you donate two dollars at checkout, we will send two more pairs."  

When not focused on family, business and making Park City better, Emily says, "I enjoy video games, hiking and traveling, but one of my biggest hobbies is collecting socks - I have drawers full!"

After eight years, Emily says the family finds Park City to be "an inclusive place where people are kind and helpful. Everyone is happy to be here," she smiles.

And thanks to Sock City – we can add happy feet to our list of reasons to smile.