"I'm still a ski bum and an open book," says a smiling Todd Fischer. "People say I am like an 'instant friend.'" The co-owner of Silver Star Ski and Sport at the Silver Star development is an Illinois native but something of a second-generation Parkite.

"Dad moved here in the 90s after years of bringing us out to ski PC," he recalls. Todd followed in '97 after college and began making long-lasting connections at jobs all over town, including Cole Sports. "Gary was a great man," he says of working with founder Gary Cole. "I still have a good relationship with Jana and the boys after all those years."

He met Chris Conabee and Roy Murphy of Silver Star while chasing another passion – golf – a friendship that would prove fateful. But the most meaningful connection was meeting spouse and co-owner Kate in 2002, "literally on the day she set foot on Park City soil from Alabama," he says. After their marriage, "we were thinking of moving in '08, but suddenly Chris and Roy said, 'Hey, you wanna run a ski shop?'" Todd recalls. "We thought, 'I guess this town isn't finished with us yet!'"

The couple opened with doggos Vidalia and Tallulah as greeters, and "People started coming in just to meet the bulldogs and asked for dog t-shirts," Todd laughs. The two are enshrined in the company logo, while next-gen bulldog Azalea runs guest relations today.

"I still get super excited when it snows," Todd enthuses. "I'm also a recovering golf addict, having worked as a pro at Tuhaye, but these days we enjoy off-season travel," Todd says. "Seeing businesses in other countries makes you appreciate the person on the other side of the counter."

We're sure many of them become Todd’s 'instant friends,' too. Check out Todd, Kate's (and Azalea's) excellent selection and services today at silverstarskiandsport.com.