Life’s journey can be scenic when you commit to a personal purpose, says Lisa Schneider. “I watched Joseph Campbell’s ‘The Power of Myth’ as a teen,” says the Financial Advisor at Raymond James. “I asked, ‘What if I’m living most purposefully when I follow my bliss?’ I discovered my professional bliss is working complex puzzles that can change lives for the better.”

Her purpose-led life saw Lisa collaborate on affordable health access programs internationally, volunteer in Guatemala with Habitat for Humanity, and serve as Executive Director for Summit and Wasatch County Habitat. “Growing up in a single-parent household that did not own a home, I understood financial instability,” she says. “I saw the advantages housing, planning, and money management provide.”

Pursuing post-graduate education with St. Regis University in Denver was another purpose-driven exercise aligned with Lisa’s values of social justice, advocacy, and service, as was being an early donor to the PC Community Foundation’s Women’s Giving Fund, “an opportunity to contribute to our community and honor my mom,” she recalls.

Today, Lisa is an Accredited Asset Management Specialist, Accredited Investment Fiduciary, and Certified Exit Planning Advisor operating her practice through Raymond James Private Client Group. “I meet clients where they are, focus on aligning their resources with what they care about most, and develop strategies for their purpose,” she says. “I value that clients consider me their ‘chief financial navigator.’”

Following her bliss led Lisa to serendipitously audition at the Farmer’s Market with a bluegrass/country band back in 2007. “Bob Hewson, Tom Mahoney, Walt Evans, Dave Bates, and Steve Hewson became our musical family,” she smiles. “Though Bob and Dave have passed away, some of us still perform together in a band called Still Swingin.”

For all her accomplishments, contributions, and connections, “I’m more introverted than people may think,” Lisa laughs. “I need ‘alone’ time in my week for reflection.”

Fortunately for us, Parkites tend to reap the benefits when this Chamber partner pauses to reflect - from business owners to retirees, women’s groups, musicians, health care, and housing advocates.