Even as a child in The Avenues neighborhood of Salt Lake, libraries and librarians made vivid impressions on young Adriane Juarez. "It cost a dime to take the bus to the Salt Lake Library, where I would read and explore," recalls the Director of the Park City Library. "I fondly remember my Lowell Elementary School librarian, too, who always had fantastic reading recommendations." No surprise, then, that Adriane's first job at 16 was "putting away books at the SLC Library, and later I attained a master's degree in library science." An MBA and a career in the Salt Lake library system followed.

Her arrival in Park City coincided with the library's renovation a decade ago as a comfortable, well-outfitted home for curious people of all ages and backgrounds to learn and find kindred spirits. "Creating the library as a 'community living room' has been a great honor," Adriane avers. "The expression, 'You've got to find your people' describes what I have found here. To a person, everyone has a real spark for the library. Their excitement and dedication truly made me say, 'This is the place for me.'"

At home, too, Adriane's creative spirit has free rein. "My garage is an art studio where I paint, sculpt, make paper, and try my hand at various visual arts," she smiles. "I recently began creating space to grow flowers

and vegetables and eventually even get bees!" Her Library Leadership Podcast, where she picks up new ideas interviewing librarians nationwide, also amplifies Adriane's Park City innovations, which she happily shares. "We often get contacts and visits from librarians asking for advice or best practices," she says.

After ten years in Park City, Adriane's blend of artistic sensibility, administrative skill, and sense of community have found a home. "I won't find a more inspiring and generous place," she says. "These are my people, and I'm thrilled to be here."