“Up the stairs and down the hall at Treasure Mountain Inn.” That’s how Shelley Marshall succinctly guides you to a coffee, dessert and catering experience like none other in Park City. “I felt so in the zone working catering and events around town,” the owner of Park City Desserts says of her business inspiration. “I love food and making food I love healthier. That includes dessert, of course!”

An RN and independent ice-skating coach for years, Shelley has happily blazed her own PC trail. “I always had an entrepreneurial sense, testing the waters with Mary Kay, skating and nursing,” she recalls. In the end, her love for food and service won out. “A friend suggested a dessert lounge and catering service like the one I grew up with in North Carolina,” she recalls. “We started in 2017.”

But her Utah adventure began in 2002 with a nursing position at Primary Children’s Hospital. “I so wanted to be here for the Olympics,” she recalls. “I immediately fell in love with Park City. I told my best friend we should buy a place together – now I wish we had!”

Being a local independent businesswoman “has been a ride,” Shelley says. “The challenges have been immense for me and my family. From unstable landlord situations to my husband’s cardiac arrest and surgery, I have almost given up so many times.” Today, new growth opportunities beckon at her Treasure Mountain Inn location. Diverse catering options, from coffee bars with trained baristas and allergy-conscious desserts to savory breakfasts, light lunches and even sushi, make Shelley and team ready for any occasion.

“We have awesome friends here,” she says of her family’s Park City life. “We enjoy being in nature and admire the determination we see in our community, especially in the nonprofit culture.”

We find ourselves admiring Shelley’s determination, and we’re delighted she is part of our Chamber family.