When she was living in Nashville and looking to grow as a real estate industry executive, Jamie Johnson told her family every town was on the table – as long as they were places friends and family wanted to visit.

Park City was a natural choice. 

“The small town, tight-community feel,” enthuses the CEO of the Park City Board of REALTORS. “The beautiful mountains, the dry climate and proximity to so many amazing areas of our country were all a plus” in making the move in 2019.

Not that Tennessee grass was growing under Jamie’s feet. “I was raised by parents who supported everything I did,” she recalls, and she’s paid it forward, traveling the world backing children’s sports and education. “Coaching is my favorite,” she says. “I coached in Brazil, London, Botswana and Haiti. Seeing kids’ eyes light up when they accomplish something for the first time is so cool.”

The busy executive says bringing joy to others informs her professional life, too. “I enjoy helping new agents,” she says with a smile, “When I help someone find their home and experience their dreams, I am making a difference.”

Jamie’s early work with children was often through church organizations, and spirituality plays a large role in her life, “though it’s changed as I have gotten older,” she says. “Whether sitting on my rooftop patio looking at the mountains, paddleboarding on the Jordanelle or hiking through the red rocks, it gives me peace to know someone way bigger than me loves me and cares about my life.”

Today, she focuses on helping her industry, colleagues, friends and loved ones grown professionally and personally, especially her son Jackson. “I’m his biggest cheerleader,” she laughs, “I love spending time with the humans I love – and my dog!”

Like Jamie herself, the Park City Board of REALTORS is making a positive difference under her leadership, tackling issues such as our affordable housing crunch. Learn more at parkcityrealtor.com.