From washing windows at OC Tanner in Salt Lake to mentorship in Bavaria to managing the Park City location his father designed, David McMaster's professional and family life flow side by side.

When OC Tanner's flagship store opened on South Temple Street in 1976, "Mister Tanner hired my father, Brent, to open it," David recalls. "As the 2002 Olympics approached, my dad wanted an OC Tanner presence in PC. He designed this store on Main, which opened in 2000." David became General Manager six years ago, fulfilling a dream of more than 20 years. "Our corporate manufacturer designed the official Olympic medals for 2002, and we continue to supply recognition rings for the US Olympic Team. We are excited about the 2034 games!"

"Over time, I realized we are a happy business, dealing with family celebrations, meaningful milestones and good fortune," David reflects. "Many jobs don't offer face-to-face interaction, but my colleagues and I see, feel, and affect human emotion daily. We get to know generations of families."

David's family have their own generational memories. "Park City was always fun - Red Banjo Pizza on Main, the Alpine slide in the summer, the World Cup Alpine ski races, the bottom of Main Street outdoor concerts," David smiles. "We had summer family parties at my uncle's ranch on Payday."

The family is still outdoorsy. "I skate ski and enjoy boating and water skiing in summer with my wife Mindy and kids. Family time is always the best time."

Family and time go together for the McMasters – as evidenced by the landmark Rolex-branded clock outside the store. "The Jeff Mann family of Memphis donated the clock in 1988 and happen to be our landlords," David relates. "Today, Jeff Jr. and I continue the friendship our fathers started years ago."

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