A 34-year diplomatic career provided Sue Niblock with a lifetime of experiences, including what it’s like being new in town. “I moved to another country about every three years,” says the President of the Board of the Newcomers Club. “Coming here, I was nervous about fitting in since I don’t ski, snowboard, or mountain bike. I was so grateful Newcomers Club is so warm and welcoming.”

When her daughter and son-in-law moved here from the East to enjoy Park City’s outdoorsy lifestyle, Sue found she was ready to hang up her diplomatic spurs. “They are avid climbers, hikers, bikers, and skiers,” she says.

“My three-year-old grandson already has skis, and his baby sister isn’t far behind!” The Club helped her make new friends, many of who had also relocated to be near family.

Our ski country winters are light years from the tropics of Manila, Sue’s hometown. “I was born and raised in the Philippines and didn’t live in the US until I was in college in Virginia,” she recalls. "My great grandfather was appointed Philippines Postmaster General in 1900.” Her father spent most of his life there, too.

Her diplomatic postings spanned the globe. She remembers “the jaw-dropping beauty of New Zealand, where I was the deputy Ambassador. Jordan, Ethiopia, and Indonesia stand out for their heritage and food. I also loved Singapore and Brussels. Moscow was intense as I was there in the early 90s” as the USSR collapsed.

Her well-honed people skills help new arrivals feel welcome while being open to all. “We don't restrict membership to new people,” she avers. “We have many long-time members who have met some of their closest friends here. Anyone is welcome at our monthly coffees, with free breakfast and interesting guest speakers.”

We think Sue should pencil herself into one of those speaker slots. What stories she could tell!