A “Chicagoan at heart,” Danny Glasser recalls “skating outdoors from November until May, then hitting Lake Michigan for swimming, fishing, and water skiing.”

The CEO of the National Ability Center also remembers his family’s involvement with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and one of his best childhood friends living with spina bifida. “My perspective greatly expanded when I met my wife Melissa in 2004, who had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 14,” he says. Today, one of their four children is managing autism. “Sharing their lives changed my understanding of how people adapt to their challenges,” Danny says.

His career in Los Angeles as a media and tech executive included recreational vacations to Park City. Melissa and son Jackson soon discovered the NAC,

“participating in the ski program, challenge course, archery and equestrian programs,” Danny says. He often joined in as a family supporter.

The family decided to move “just as COVID shut everything down,” he remembers. “So, we got to know Park City together as a family, walking, biking and skiing.”

“I find the same warmth here I associate with my midwestern roots,” Danny says of life today. “Parkites care about their natural surroundings, their city, their neighbors, and our at-risk populations. I see it in their support for NAC and many other worthy organizations.”

PC has helped the busy dad and CEO rediscover at least one childhood passion. “I still play hockey,” he smiles, ”but you will find me on the slopes or the trails, too.”

“I also enjoy cooking with my children, one of the few things you can conceive, complete, and enjoy on the same day,” he laughs.

To see what Danny is cooking up with the NAC’s world-class adaptive recreation and outdoor adventure programs and how you can help, visit discovernac.org.