Most local singer/songwriters don't have a DDS or eight adventurous mid-career years in the US Navy  ("three deployments then directing a dentistry program at Portsmouth Naval Hospital"), but Jon Kolon can claim both. Known to Parkites as "Dr. Jon" for more than 20 years, he self-published original country songs during his naval service, which began in 2015. "One day, The Animal Farm Music Label in London called me," he says. Together, they produced Jon's first album, "Far From Home," in 2022.

Inspired by "stories from my office, the bar, or the store where it takes 2 hours to buy milk sometimes," he laughs, Jon’s newest, "Be Home Soon," debuts March 1. "I like trucker songs and pedal steel," he says. “While learning a John Denver song, I stopped and decided to write my own. You can hear the joy of being home on this cut."

Raised in Detroit, Jon’s dental studies carried him west, first to Flagstaff, AZ, to work on the Navajo Reservation, then to a residency at the U Hospital, and finally to Park City as a contracted dentist before opening Silver Creek Dental in 2005. "I'd tell my students at the Naval Hospital, 'You are going to be a country doctor when you deploy out there, and I'll teach you how because that's what I've been my whole practicing life,'" he smiles.

Retired and home in PC for good, Jon's Mountain Town Band is a local fixture. "My influences are folk, Grand Ole Opry, and R&B," he avers. He still savors community service, keeping a "one-chair charity office" in Prospector and near his ranch in St. George for "old timers, our Spanish speakers, ranchers, local tribal members and folks who want a second opinion from a country doctor."

Just don't expect him to whistle while he works. "I can play you a thousand country songs, but I can't whistle to save my mother’s life," he laughs.