Helping seasonal workers understand renter's rights at a Christian Center workers' dinner is emblematic of how Gretchen Lee and Mountain Mediation Center make Park City better. "We help people help themselves," she says, heading off conflict by teaching "what to look before signing, communicating effectively, and solving issues on their own."

Gretchen's Park City journey began as a law student at Emory, ski racing in the western New York hills while working for the State Department and CIA. Her future husband's medical residency brought the couple to Salt Lake, where Gretchen landed a prized position as a legislative attorney, drafting bills for lawmakers and studiously "remaining neutral,  representing all sides of the aisle regardless of personal opinion." Excellent training for her present role in Park City, which she discovered by taking master ski racing programs in the '90s. "I remember the two-lane into PC, with McDonald's and Kmart about the only things at Kimball Junction," she laughs.

The growing family found long legislative hours conflicted with raising three children. The solution was decamping to PC in 2006 "during a bad inversion in Salt Lake," Gretchen recalls. She volunteered as a mediator and Board member at MMC, taking on the Executive Director post in 2017. MMC expanded from small-claims court into community mediation, focusing on the underserved, including Spanish language services. MMC even consulted with the latest Park City Leadership class on their "Let's Talk" community conversations initiative.

"In mediation, you are there to help two sides agree," she says, easing stressful situations. "Many hard-working people trying to make ends meet really appreciate our efforts."

A born diplomat who truly values what everyone brings to the table, Gretchen also lauds MMC's "volunteers, Board members, community partners and clients - I love the group of people I work with!"

And we love that Chamber partner Gretchen and her team are on the job, contributing to a more serene Park City.