It wasn’t just natural beauty that inspired Jamie MoCrazy and Reggie Clark to marry in Whistler, BC, last year. They chose the place where Jamie was almost killed in a spectacular ski jumping accident in 2015.“I went from the World Cup free ski circuit to being comatose, paralyzed on my right side, unable to walk or talk,” says the founder of MoCrazy Strong.

Today, Jamie’s performance background enlivens her presentations and workshops. Cartwheeling onto the stage to dramatize her Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) come back, “I talk about setting attainable goals and regaining post-trauma identity,” she says. “When an avalanche drags you to the bottom, you discover you need an alternative peak. You never know what fantastic views still await,” she smiles.

As she prepares to visit Capitol Hill next week to screen the documentary of her story for lawmakers and encourage TBI awareness, Jamie reminisces about her family’s Olympic ski appearances across generations. “My great-grandmother even made the first Olympic ski team uniforms,” she laughs. Jamie quickly chose Park City when she opted to leave New Hampshire at 18. “The water ramps, the Center of Excellence -  it was obvious Park City would be my ski career base.”

She learned it’s the PC people that really matter. “It’s your integrity and who you are as a person that Parkites respect,” she says. Recalling keynoting NAC’s 2018 Red, White and Snow with her mom in 2018 and raising $350,000, she adds, “People here want to give to causes they believe in.”

Now, Jamie loves “epic snowstorms and shredding through the trees with my husband,” as well as her rebuilt love of reading. “I needed five years to retrain my brain to read well,” she says.

You’ll find Jamie is an open book herself, ready to share and inspire anyone recovering from trauma. Learn more about how her mission at