Tom Schiemer found his bliss in blending creativity and love for the outdoors. As the Director of Multimedia at DeJoria Center on High Star Ranch in Kamas, Tom does just about everything - graphics, video and photography, ads, and web pages for concerts, corporate events, and weddings. “I don’t just enjoy my work,” Tom says, “I love it.”

Editing and designing means tons of computer time, but Tom isn’t nailed to his desk. Mountain life offers full reign to his passion for extreme sports, like snowboarding, mountain biking, skateboarding, and trail running. “I love obstacle races. I have done 14 Spartan Races, with 3 Trifecta medals (for finishing three events within a season), and completed the Tough Mudder.”

Tom’s trail to the Wasatch Back began with high school graduation in Hawaii. “I had no idea what I wanted to do,” he recalls. “But I had a Mac IIsi and loved to draw.” After enrolling in graphics art school, Tom was hooked.

Moving to Vegas brought him a little closer. “I worked remotely for High Star Ranch and traveled to Kamas once a month,” he remembers. “I did a little snowboarding and loved it, but I didn’t know much about the area.” When DeJoria opened seven years ago, mountain life won for good. “My wife and I saw this beautiful town with direct access to the Uinta National Forest, a short drive to Park City with world-class skiing, and a beautiful drive down the mountain to big city life,” he remembers. “We moved as quickly as possible.”

Today, Tom finds joy in work, family, and getting out there. “I never thought golf would be fun,” he says of his latest sport. “Man, was I wrong! “

Contemplating the view from High Star Ranch, he concludes, “I just love life, my wife, my kids, and the Lord, though not always in that order.”