Few businesses originate in the subconscious, but her inner voice sparked Kimberly Flores to action in January 2021. “During a goal-setting session, I wrote what I wanted in the new year,” says the co-owner of FulFILLed Lifestyle Co. “After many pages, I finally wrote, ‘I will open my zero-waste business in 2021!’” 

A TV journalist with stops in San Diego and northern Illinois, Kimberly was a longtime environmental reporter at ABC 4 in Salt Lake. “I’ve always felt the divine in nature,” she recalls. “Being an environmental reporter combined my two passions.” Utah also halted the wandering life of TV news. "I fell in love with the mountains and with a wonderful human being," she smiles. After marriage, a move to Pinebrook and children, "The idea (of a zero-waste business) was whispering to me,” she recalls.  “When the soul speaks, you listen."

Her journey started with a mobile refillery from her van, delivering cleaning and hygiene products to help Parkites reduce single-use plastics. Within months, Kimberly had a storefront at Outlets Park City. "It was evident that FulFILLed was more than just a store, it was a community, a gathering space for individuals with a shared vision of a more conscious life. I met my business partner, Paige Garrity, there. She was building a sustainable lifestyle brand, and we felt intuitively we were supposed to do something together." The pair are now 50-50 partners. “No going back!” Kimblery laughs. 

"We believe sustainability is a mindset,” Kimberly says. “Every product we have is run through the Environmental Working Group. There are no preservatives, no toxins. If I won’t put it on my baby, I’m not carrying it in the shop,” she firmly states.

Chamber partners Kimberly and Paige offer Parkites a next-step opportunity to reduce waste and live in more conscious harmony with our environment.

“Our tagline is, ‘Come empty, leave FulFILLed.’”