Although an avid snowboarder, Sydney-born Ian Pope’s first experience living in a ski town came with the discovery that cold snow loves to say, ‘Hello!’ “We arrived in knee-deep snow to unpack our U-Haul,” Ian recalls. “It was late, we were freezing, but our new neighbors had delicious turkey chili waiting – such kindness! I learned to keep the heat on when not at home - frozen pipes - and never to leave the laptop in the car – frozen screen!”

Ian and his wife, April de Haan, first ventured to PC in 2012 for snow and Sundance while visiting Vegas relatives. “We fell in love from day one,” he recalls. Incredibly, when his employer, Australia’s Campos Coffee, asked him to relocate to the US in 2016, they sent him to …Park City. “Lo and behold!” Ian exclaims. “We had actually stayed on a previous visit right above what became the Campos PC store.”

Today, Ian owns Five5eeds Café on Snow Park Drive, previously run by the Percy family, fellow Australians ”who created something extraordinary,” he says. “It’s an honor to continue their commitment to quality - and Aussiness.”

Savoring “endless food and drink experiments with local produce and unique flavors,” Ian says, “I’m always looking at what dish to try next or what ingredient I can use differently.” He earned his kitchen chops at eclectic Sydney cafes and “an Ecuadorian street restaurant,” he recalls. “I have also visited coffee farms in Papua New Guinea and South America and seen ethically sourced coffee changing communities.”

“I’ve learned that Parkites are loyal and kind,” he says of his PC business experience. “People are so welcoming and quality focused.”

Busy raising a two-year-old and serving on the Chamber board, “I’m passionate about Park City, but I’m Aussie through and through,” Ian laughs, fondly recalling his mom’s Down Under downhome recipes. “Think Veggie Bake and Salmon Mornay with cornflakes on top. Soul-warming!” 

That’s exactly how we describe the atmosphere and fare at Five5eeds, Ian. Stop in today!