Jill Shroyer fell in love with Spanish in a Massachusetts 6th grade classroom but had no idea it would lead to a career as a Utah human resources expert. "My first job was in Deer Valley HR in 2001 because my Spanish fluency meant I could help the South American workers,” says the CEO of Expedition Human Resources in Park City. “Twenty-one years later, I love knowing this is what I am meant to do."

Jill recalls driving to PC from her native Massachusetts that year as "a scene from the Dixie Chicks  'Wide Open Spaces,'" she smiles. "I will never forget the emotion of seeing the Rockies for the first time. I felt at home like I was meant to land here."

Skis are part of the story, too. Jill's were strapped to her Subaru. "I longed to live somewhere with big mountains and amazing powder after growing up skiing on Massachusetts ice," she laughs. "I came for the Olympics and never left."

Her love for mountain adventure inspired the Expedition name when she founded the company in 2018. "Expedition is an analogy for being a mountain guide for businesses and their HR challenges -  requiring their trust to guide them up their 'business mountain.'"

Up at 5 a.m. for a daily workout and meditation, Jill and her husband are busy with two children, ages 9 and 11. "Ron and I met here in 2002 and have similar stories," Jill recalls. "The whole family shares a love for our mountains and being outside as much as possible."

Hyper-focused Jill is also a successful author. Her book, "Conquer Sticky Situations" is available on Amazon. "I am an HR nerd," she laughs. "I love helping employers find the right path" in delicate situations.

You can join the “expedition members” who love having Jill guide their business journey.  Visit expeditionhr.com.