Opening an Este Pizza location on Sidewinder was a homecoming for Carissa Davenport, a third-generation Parkite. “Both sets of grandparents raised families here,” she says. “I grew up in Old Town and graduated from Park City High.”

She and her husband Josh began with two successful Este locations in Salt Lake, serving up New York-style pizza and Italian and vegetarian dishes. “I worked in restaurants growing up, including Loco Lizard and Mountain Chicken,” Carissa fondly recalls. “I loved the fast pace and seeing people enjoy a night out.”

Carissa’s love for Utah motivated her degree in Environmental Studies, and today she operates Este Pizza with sustainability top of mind. “We began composting in 2018,” she states. “Since last year alone, we have composted 12,560 tons of food. That’s a huge win for our environment.” Their three stores are also part of the Recycle Utah Green Business program.

Carissa says Parkites rallied to the Este Pizza during COVID, making a lasting impression on her and Josh. ”We were amazed and grateful for how people supported us,” she recalls. “It made us love our local customers even more! They are the backbone of our business.”

They give back by working with other businesses to revitalize Barrett Lane in Prospector as a spot where locals can enjoy family time, good food and local music. In addition, as a local school alum, Carissa enjoys donating and providing lunch to the PC Education Foundation’s Bright Future program.

After eight years of operation, “we appreciate being part of this special place,” Carissa says. “And we will always be passionate about preserving our beautiful town and state.” As well passionate about those perfectly cooked garlic knots, lasagna pizza and ricotta! 

Stop by Carissa’s PC location or when in Salt Lake, the Sugarhouse and Downtown restaurants.