An elderly relative’s life-changing experience changed the trajectory of Lora Davis’s life. Lora’s grandmother moved in with her temporarily after her husband of 75 years passed away. “Danville Support Services provided additional care for her,” Lora recalls. After her grandmother had resettled, “I realized helping seniors was something I was good at. So I applied for a caregiver position at Danville and worked my way up to Summit and Wasatch Branch Manager.”

Danville offers personal and non-medical home care to people striving to maintain an independent lifestyle. “And it’s not just the individuals, but families as well,” Lora says. ”I’m not the type to look after someone else’s kids, but I love caring for their parents and grandparents.”

“I grew up in Southern California and was living in Long Beach when my first child was born,” Lora says of her discovery of Park City.

“My husband and I did not want to raise our children there, so we moved to Oakley at first. We have lived in Park City since 2008 and love our small-town community.”

Lora is passionate about her family, camping, barbequing and cooking, though her clients are never far from her mind. “I love to listen to their stories and memories,” she smiles. “It makes me feel so good to walk into their homes and be welcomed as one of the family; it is rewarding to know I have made a difference in someone’s quality of life. It keeps me doing what I do.”

Lora encourages everyone to discover the joy of helping families during challenging but often rewarding times by working with Danville. “You can ask any of my employees- I am the best boss they ever worked for,” she laughs. “And Danville is always hiring!” 

Thank you, Lora, for all you do for PC families! Learn more about Danville Services at