“I have learned that many businesses come to Park City, but the secret is being a part of Park City,” says Daren Couch, President of Brite Detailing, who tends to say quotable things. That one sums up his business philosophy as closely as one sentence can.

When the Layton native and frequent Park City visitor came here for good in 2012, he stayed for a time in the historic Star Hotel on Main, striking up a friendship with owner Carol Rixey. “From Carol, I learned doing business here is really an extension of living here,” he said.

A  meticulous detailing craftsman who cares for boats, RVs, and personal vehicles, Daren enjoys working in the elements, no matter the weather. “I had a construction site cleanup business before Brite,”  he recalls. “I liked that, too!” Looking up at the mountains each day reminds him of his family roots. “My grandpa worked the mines up here,” he remembers. “So, we’ve always had a place in our hearts for Park City.”

For all his time outdoors, Daron calls himself “a total nerd who loves to learn.” Massive Open Online Courses “have opened up a whole new world of learning opportunities I would never have had otherwise,” he enthuses. “As Horace Mann said, education is the great equalizer.”

When hitting the virtual books, “I like hanging out with my wife, our kids, and our cats,” he says. “My wife and I grew up in Layton, so we like to take the kids to Cherry Hill, our favorite fun spot. We also enjoy fishing and just being a family.”

For Daron, being a family also means being a Parkite – part of a community. “It’s a place people feel comfortable and at ease,” he says. “It’s the relationships you build that make the most difference. I have learned the value of feeling connected.”