First, Aloha Ski and Snowboard Rental has no connection to Hawaii, laughs owner Greg Ottoson. "It was named Aloha back in '99 by two skiers" as a memorable oxymoron, he says. Upon taking over in 2003, "I realized Aloha was family friendly and a little silly, perfect for our chill atmosphere."

Now running nine locations, Greg says, "I love that my job is helping people have a good time." Though a local ski fixture for 25 years, his first PC sojourn was a five-year stint in the 80s. "In between, I ran a pub in England for five years," he says. "I just turned 60, so I've owned Aloha for a third of my life."

There is no gig he'd rather have. "Getting up early on powder day and whooping down the hill or cruising groomer in the winter, Parkites live life to the fullest," he avers. His sunny Aloha life has a few clouds of concern, though. "It's hard losing long-term employees because of housing costs," he says. "If we want to keep the passion and fun in town, we must find ways to keep people housed here."

When not getting skiers and snowboarders equipped, tuned, clothed, and on the slopes, Greg is all about team and community. "I dearly love my staff and the team we've built," he says." They are my family."

He helps local kids get out on the snow, too. "We've donated everything from equipment rentals to ski socks to local youth sports programs," he says. Sustainability is also a priority. Aloha has sponsored the glass recycling bin at Recycle UT for years.

 "It's been a privilege to work and play in this community for so long," Greg concludes. "I'm so grateful that I ended up here. I look forward to seeing you all out on the slopes!"