Dear Park City Chamber/Bureau Member,

The Park City Chamber/Bureau represents Summit County businesses in political matters that may affect you, and we would like to urge you to take action against two conversations currently happening on Utah’s Capitol Hill regarding the Transient Room Tax (TRT). 

The first, proposed by State Senator Wayne Harper, inserts a significant (4.68%) state-wide TRT increase into a larger transportation funding bill.  The bill is not yet posted to the legislative website, but the draft language can be found on the Transportation Task Force site.

The second seeks to re-define how Utah can utilize TRT revenues, in general.  It is currently mandated in Utah that 66% of TRT funds must be used for tourism promotion and management but it is being proposed that a larger percentage of those funds be used by counties for non-tourism-related issues.  

These bills will directly affect businesses in Summit County and we urge you to contact Summit County State Senator, Kevin T. Van Tassell to voice strong opposition to these bills.
Contact Senator Van Tassell  

Below is a list of Transportation Committee Members:

Sen. David G. Buxton (R), Chair  
Sen. J. Stuart Adams (R)  
Sen. Jacob L. Anderegg (R)  
Sen. Jim Dabakis (D)  

Sen. Wayne A. Harper (R)  
Sen. Karen Mayne (D)  
Sen. Kevin T. Van Tassell (R)  
Alex R. Janak, Policy Analyst

Your action is urgently needed to oppose these bills!  You are also strongly encouraged to research your competitive sets for effective tax rates and send information directly to our lobbyist, Des Barker at  We need to illustrate that a TRT increase will place us out of parody with other similar destinations and will hurt Summit County businesses.

Thank you for being a vibrant part of our Summit County community.