You may have heard of Suggest It, the new iPhone app where individuals and businesses post anything upcoming — events, happenings, special offers, activities, even garage sales. It is the perfect vehicle for Chamber members to post a daily special or an event (think something like “Today from 1 to 5 iced lattes half price at Hugo Coffee.” or “Poetry slam at Dolly’s at 5 tonight.”). Nothing is too big or small to post as a “suggestion.” Users will see your suggestion in their feeds that can be sorted either by newest posts or by day.  

Suggest It Logo

The goal of Suggest It is to provide a social place where the community can come together over upcoming events, not simply to brag over what you’ve just done (i.e. Facebook). To download Suggest It, simply go into the iPhone App Store. The best part is it’s free! Dozens of Park City businesses are on it already, with a current user base of over 1,000 locals. Those people want to know what you have going on! You can set up an individual or business account, or both. If you have any questions about the app, feel free to contact the developer, Tom Klein at